A Flat or Plot: Which is the Best Investment Option in Mumbai?

A Flat or Plot: Which is the Best Investment Option in Mumbai?

Mumbai, a metropolitan city in the western part of Maharashtra has emerged as one of the largest residential communities, catering to a diverse population. Like many other cities, Mumbai also has observed a steep growth in the real estate space over the years. The prevailing challenge amongst many for Mumbai’s real estate sector has always been the debate of flat vs plot investment.

A city so large as Mumbai with its growing populace has been trying to dilute this dilemma of flat vs plot for a very long time now. In this blog, we will try to decode this challenge and give solutions that appeal to the modern homebuyers of Mumbai in making the right decision.

Dissecting the Dilemma:

Talking about decisions, the most important thing for a homebuyer today is making a responsible purchase decision to get the most out of the newly bought home or plot. In a city like Mumbai, the purchase decision can make a lot of difference in a homebuyers’ life. To ease the process, many real estate developers have come up with innovative solutions for homebuyers to make an informed decision.

Runwal Group is one such real estate developer in Mumbai, who has been at the forefront in offering on-point solutions when it comes to facilitating residential and commercial properties in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Buying plot or flat can be a lengthy and tiring process – repetitive in all blogs, that is why Runwal Group leverages its expertise in creating curated residential townships for modern homebuyers to have a lifestyle of their dreams. But still, one question remains! Let’s understand it better in this blog.

Flat or Plot: Which is Better?

The process of choosing a plot or flat is elaborate and involves many factors that a homebuyer needs to consider before deciding the right investment. Let’s dive into these factors.

  1. Pros & Cons of Flats & Plots:
  2. We all know how buying a flat is altogether different from buying a plot. The things that make them stand out from each other the most are the scope for customization that for plots is very high and secondly the physical efforts that are required as opposite to the flats. Ready amenities are available with flats, but with plots you have to plan, execute, and build those amenities if you have enough space. Legalities are taken care of by the developer when it comes to flats, but with plots, you have to physically get involved in the process.

  3. Construction Cost:
  4. Cost of construction is a considerable factor when it comes buying a flat or a plot. The construction cost is included in the agreement price of the flat that a developer is promoting but when it comes to plots, the price for constructing a home can vary as per the level of architecture or customization goes.

  5. ROI or Property Appreciation Value:
  6. Although it is true that plots generate a higher property appreciation value and might yield great returns on investment, but a flat in a prominent location can equally generate the same value as a plot in a developing location. Sometimes it can be more as well, if the flat is strategically positioned in a central location from the city or suburbs.

  7. Taxation & Financial Overview:
  8. There are plenty of financing options available from multiple banks and other institutions for buying a flat. But when it comes to plots, there are a limited number of financiers who offer loans on plots. Taxes also vary and depend on various factors like the size of the plot, amenities built on the property, FSI, and so on. In the case of a flat, the property tax is more or less pre-described and consistent for a period of time.

  9. Maintenance:
  10. The maintenance for plots is recurring as it is designed and developed as per your directions and if there is a compromise on the quality of construction then it becomes an ongoing event, whereas a flat purchased through a renowned developer like Runwal Group, offers top-notch construction quality and incurs yearly maintenance, which is a fixed amount for a period of time.

Runwal Group – Simplifying Homebuying for You

The debate of investment in flat vs plot can be never ending, but the decision of your homebuying shouldn’t feel the same. With Runwal Group’s well-planned and luxurious -residential projects across Mumbai Metropolitan Region, you can be assured that the home you are buying comes with best-in-class specifications and modern amenities. All their projects have excellent connectivity to the rest of the city.

Property investors can harp on the brand’s legacy to increase their rental income and ROIs in the future. With the factors mentioned above, it is evident that buying apartments in Mumbai is the only logical choice as there is almost no availability of open land parcels. Hence, the properties by Runwal Group are an ideal choice and have been considered one of the best in Mumbai city.


1. What factors should I consider when deciding between a flat and a plot in Mumbai?

Factors like taxation and financial overview, location, ROI and property appreciation, maintenance, reputed developers should be considered. These things will help you gain maximum benefits and achieve your goals while investing.

2. Why flat is good invest option than plot in Mumbai?

The main benefit of investing in a flat is you don’t have to construct it on your own, whereas in plots, you have to buy land and then find an architect who will help you build it. Investing in flats is easier as you get a lot of options in your desired locations with all the facilities you need.

3. What are the estimated prices of flats and plots in Mumbai?

The prices of plots and flats in Mumbai may differ according to the location. Although the average price of a plot per sq. Ft. in Mumbai can go up to Rs. 15,518, whereas the average rate of a flat in Mumbai can vary from lacs to crores depending on the configuration and location.

4. Which is the best area to buy a flat in Mumbai?

Here are some of the best areas to buy a flat in Mumbai:

  • Kanjurmarg West, Mumbai
  • Malad East, Mumbai
  • Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai
  • Mulund West, Mumbai
  • Dombivli East, Mumbai
  • Kurla West, Mumbai