Checklist of Legal Documents for Purchasing an Apartment in Mumbai

Checklist of Legal Documents for Purchasing an Apartment in Mumbai

When purchasing a home, it is essential to begin with the necessary legal documents, papers, approvals, and deeds. Thoroughly reviewing and verifying these documents is crucial to guarantee a seamless and satisfying home ownership journey. By meticulously examining the legal paperwork, potential buyers can ensure that all necessary permissions, clearances, and agreements are in place. This diligence helps avoid future complications or disputes related to the property. Taking the time to scrutinize and understand these documents before finalizing the purchase provides peace of mind and confidence in the investment, leading to a more enjoyable and stress-free home-buying experience.

When considering purchasing a house in Mumbai, it’s important to be aware that the legal documents required for property purchase may adhere to the regulations specified under the Maharashtra State Property Act.

The list of documents that are needed while property purchase are as follows-

  1. Sale deed
  2. The list of legal documents required when buying a property may vary slightly based on the city and state requirements. However, the sale deed is one of the most crucial documents. It serves as the core legal document that provides proof of the sale and transfer of the property. When signing the sale deed, it is essential to carefully review and verify the terms and conditions mentioned in the document. This ensures that all aspects of the property transaction are accurately represented and agreed upon by both the buyer and seller.

  3. Completion and occupancy certificate
  4. Completion and occupancy certificates are essential documents when dealing with real estate developers in Mumbai. The completion certificate is issued by the local authority and confirms that the construction of the property has been completed in accordance with approved plans and regulations. On the other hand, the occupancy certificate certifies that the property is suitable for occupation, meeting all safety standards and necessary infrastructure requirements. These certificates provide reassurance to buyers regarding the legality and compliance of the property they purchase.

  5. Title deed
  6. The title deed is another important document to check before buying a flat in Mumbai that establishes and proves ownership rights. It contains details about the property, including its boundaries, measurements, and ownership history. The title deed is evidence of ownership and is essential during property transactions. It is important to thoroughly review and verify the title deed to ensure that there are no encumbrances, disputes, or legal issues associated with the property, party, providing confidence and security to the buyer.

  7. Encumbrance certificate
  8. An Encumbrance Certificate (EC) acts as evidence that the property being purchased does not carry any financial or legal obligations. The certificate is obtainable from the Sub-registrar’s office where the property is registered.

  9. Building tax receipt
  10. Obtaining the Building Tax receipt is essential when applying for an Electricity connection. This receipt is issued to the buyer after filing for it following the registration of the sale deed and acquisition of the door number from the builder.

  11. Location sketch
  12. The location sketch is issued by the local village or municipal body, providing a permit that outlines various details such as the number of plots, proposed built-up area, amenities, car parking area, and more. It serves as an important reference document for understanding the layout and specifications of the property.


To conclude, when purchasing an apartment in Mumbai, it is crucial to have the necessary legal documents to ensure a smooth and satisfying home buying experience. Reviewing and verifying these documents helps ensure compliance, ownership rights, and freedom from any financial or legal obligations. By paying attention to these documents, buyers can proceed with confidence in their investment. When considering real estate developers in Mumbai, it is advisable to consult reputable professionals for guidance throughout the property purchase journey.

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1. What are the documents you need to verify before buying a flat?

Documents like sales deed, completion and occupancy certificate, title deed, encumbrance certificate, building tax receipt, location sketch should be verified before buying a flat.

2. How do I verify the authenticity of the documents?

To check the authenticity of the documents, the few things to look out for are holograms, watermarks, microprinting, and special inks.

3. What to check before purchasing an apartment in Mumbai?

Checking the location of the property, necessary approvals by the local body, builder verification, title deep verification are important before buying an apartment in Mumbai.

4. What is the stamp duty charge in Mumbai?

The stamp duty charges in Mumbai for men and women are in between 5% to 6%.