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A space where family

 comes together

 A sprawling living space welcomes you. The laughter of your loved ones

 mingles with the sounds of the forest outside. Fresh air and sunshine roam

 about freely. After all, they're new additions to the family.

 • Air-conditioned 3 BHK apartments with 11 ft. slab top to slab top

 • Wide windows

 • Spacious rooms

 • Marble flooring in the living and dining areas of the 3 BHK apartments

          Show flat is for reference purpose only. The furniture, fixtures, artefacts, equipment’s and fillings in the show-flat are not part of the standard actual flat/offerings. The Promoter reserves the right to change the design, features, and specifications of the same as per the applicable laws. The
          specifications agreed between the promoter and the allottee under the agreement for sale to be entered between the parties shall only be taken as final. The allottee must refer to the agreement for sale for actual details.
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