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Ways to Make Staying at Home Easier

By Runwal Group Posted On Apr 08, 2020
Category Residential properties

Ways to Make Staying at Home Easier

With nearly a million people being affected globally by COVID-19, we are witnessing country-wide lockdown in many countries. As the virus continues to spread rapidly, people across the globe are following social distancing rules while also being in quarantine.

Being at home for an extended period can be stressful, but by being organized and informed you can get through it. Here are some tips on how to carry on with everyday life to make staying at home easier.

1. Stock Up On Essential Food

Check your existing stock for usable items and clear out any old or expired foods. Stock up on protein, vegetables and healthy fats, especially non-perishable items like canned goods. Try to incorporate fresh foods like vegetables, fruits and protein in your meals as much as possible before you tap into your supply of non-perishables.

2. Indulge In A New Or Old Hobby

A quarantine is an apt time to focus on your old hobbies which you didn't have time for before or start a new hobby. You can explore new cuisines, learn a new language, learn a course or just dust off your old musical instruments to create your own music. You could also work on some DIY or art projects with things around the house.

3. Try Home Workouts

Being at home can be hard for people who are used to some form of outdoor fitness or exercise routines. An excellent replacement would be at-home workouts. They employ your own body weight over every day surfaces and keep your fitness routine on track. Home workouts like squats, push-ups, etc. are perfect to keep you fit in the quarantine.

4. Trust Credible News Sources

As various virus-affected parts of the world are shutting down for months, there is a growing concern about the virus. While relief efforts are at their best, overestimating the threat and underestimating safety protocols are not the smart things to do right now. Stay clear of sensational media and trust essential information providers like the World Health Organization, United Nations and Government bodies.

5. Stay Connected Digitally

Remember that quarantine doesn’t mean you are alone; everyone is going through the same ordeals. It can be hard for people staying away from family members, friends or coworkers for such long periods. Staying connected through phone calls, chats and video calls are a good way to manage the quarantine blues for everyone. It’s especially important to reach out to elder people and check on them from time-to-time.

Nothing can come close to being the largest defense against contracting the virus than washing your hands often for 20 seconds or longer. Encourage friends and family members to follow the same. Hand-sanitizers can also be effective in disinfecting surfaces and hands for most germs.

Hopefully, these useful guidelines would keep you on track and safe while at home. Across all of our luxury residential projects in Mumbai, we have ensured we provide you with the best of everyday facilities to assist you, especially in these trying times. Stay at home and stay safe!



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