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10 Time-Saving Hacks To Make Home Cleaning Easier

By Runwal Group Posted On Aug 24, 2020
Category Residential properties

10 Time-Saving Hacks To Make Home Cleaning Easier

It's been four months, and we have been handling all our home chores on our own. Thanks to the infamous COVID19 pandemic. We can't risk our lives by socializing and by asking our invaluable domestic help to lend us a hand.

On that account, we thought we should help you out a little by giving you tips to keep the house clean and make cleaning a painless and swift process. After all, some brilliant home cleaning tips can be helpful, especially now more than ever.

Cleaning Ponter 1

1. Cleaning is all about making your home dirt free. At times, we may enter the house in the same shoes that we wore outside, which most certainly has accumulated dirt, dust and bacteria. So, it's always best to remove them outside. Preferably have a shoe rack right outside your home.


Cleaning Ponter 2

2. As we spend more time in our homes, we tend to notice a lot of dirt that is accumulated in the corners and these moulds are tough spots. Rather than rubbing them for hours, you could just do an overnight trick and save your valuable time. Get your rubber gloves on and soak cotton wool balls in bleach. Put them on the tough moulds and get your beauty sleep. You will find the moulds gone by the next morning.


Cleaning Ponter 3

3. We tend to ignore the part where most dirt is accumulated - Furniture. Instead of vacuum cleaning your home every day, make sure that you vacuum clean the furniture at least once a week.


Cleaning Ponter 4

4. While all the family members are at home, there is a high probability that something or the other is spilt on the furniture. An easy and a time-saving way is to sprinkle some flour on the mess, which will absorb the spilt matter in a jiffy.


Cleaning Ponter 5

5. Another tip to keep the house clean is to have clean towels around you. Wet hands may land on your furniture, and it is a no brainer that moisture is a magnet to the germs. So, wipe your hooks before you touch that remote again. This hack will save you the trouble of cleaning tough oil stains and water stains we get unknowingly.


Cleaning Ponter 6

6. When it comes to floor cleaning, we know how tough it is to mop the floor every day. So, sweep the floor daily and mop it on alternate days.


Cleaning Ponter 7

7. Dust off the pieces you have accumulated at all the corners of your home. The grime in the corners makes cleaning tougher than it already is.


Cleaning Ponter 8

8. We tend to keep our dusting clothes in our storage, but we never bother to clean them up. Make sure you put them in the sunlight for the soot and germs to get out of your home entirely.


Cleaning Ponter 9

9. Balconies and windows are the ventilation source that every house needs. But these two sources are also the ones to bring the fine particles that we can't clean daily. Shutting them when not needed will save you loads of effort.


Cleaning Ponter 10

10. Your kitchen is the powerhouse of your home. You cannot take the cleanliness of the kitchen for granted. Keep different cleaning cloth to clean the surface of the kitchen. And keep your utensils away as soon as they dry up.

Everyone needs to take precautions during these trying times. And what better precaution to take than staying as much at home as possible. So while you're at home, make your home cleaning fun and easy with these home cleaning tips.

This pandemic has taught us the value of having a lovely home - a home that's well-designed, surrounded by greenery and has modern amenities and security features in place. If you are planning to buy a home that has it all, then do check out the 2 BHK flats in Kanjurmarg East at Runwal Bliss. Visit to know more about the project



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