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4 Steps To Take Care Of Your Family During Unlock India 2.0

By Runwal Group Posted On Jul 20, 2020
Category Residential properties

4 Steps To Take Care Of Your Family During Unlock India 2.0

The Covid19 pandemic has altered the concepts of lifestyle routines, work culture, entertainment, hospitality, travel and tourism, and healthcare, the world over. As more and more countries slowly start lifting the lockdown restrictions to allow citizens to resume their lives outside, it’s unwise to pretend that the virus has disappeared. It’s going to be difficult to return to the normalcy we once knew, and the sooner we acknowledge this, the better we can adapt to our new future world.

Although restrictions have eased during Unlock India 2.0, this does not mean that the risk of contracting infection has reduced. It’s important to remain cautious and mindful, and continue taking care of yourself and your family’s health. Here are a few safety precautions and hygiene tips during Unlock India 2.0 that you should follow before unlocking your door to venture outside.



✓ Wash Your Hands: Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.

✓Cover Your Face: Face masks or shields protect your nose and mouth against droplet transmission, and prevent you from touching your face with your hands. Always wear a clean face cover and ensure that it fits you perfectly without leaving any gaps.

✓Keep A Sanitizer Handy: Carry a sanitizer or sanitizing wet wipes with you at all times.

✓Carry A Grocery Bag: If you’re going out to shop for essentials, take along your grocery bag.



✓Maintain Social Distancing: Keep 6 feet of distance from other people. Wait for some people to leave, if the store you’re entering is too crowded.

✓Be Considerate About Senior Citizens: Let elderly citizens take their turn before you or offer to help them with their grocery list.

✓Handle Only What You Want To Buy: Avoid handling every item while you browse through the store and only touch what you want to buy. This habit will limit transmission of infection through unnecessary contact.

✓Choose Contactless Payments: Avoid using a credit/debit card or cash as that would increase the risk of transmission through contact. Opt for contactless payment methods via a digital wallet or online bank transfer.



✓Remove Your Shoes And Put Down Your Shopping Bag: Leave your shoes at the front door and keep your grocery bag on the floor.

✓Wash Your Hands: Before touching anything else, clean your hands properly with soap and water. Then take off your mask and throw it for a wash.

✓Clean Your Keys And Phone: If you’ve handled your keys and phone, disinfect them with a sanitizing wipe.

✓Change Your Clothes: Throw your clothes for a wash or if you want to re-wear them on your next shopping trip, hang them up behind your door. You could have a bath if you want or just change into a clean pair of home clothes.

✓Sanitize Your Groceries: Remove the groceries from your bag, clean all the packaged goods with a sanitizing wipe, and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with warm water before storing.

✓Hang Your Grocery Bag: Keep your grocery bag on the window sill or hang it where it is exposed to sunlight as this will kill any microbes. Also, viruses become potentially non-infective and don’t survive after a certain number of hours without a host.



✓Choose Contactless Delivery: Ask the delivery person to leave your package outside the door and pay digitally.

✓Sanitize Your Package: Disinfect containers or packaged goods with a sanitizing wipe and wash fresh groceries thoroughly with warm water. If you’ve ordered meals, take out the food carefully in a plate and throw the containers or packaging in the trash.

✓Wash Your Hands: Wash your hands thoroughly after everything has been disinfected.

✓Provide A Rating Or Tip If Possible: The smallest token of appreciation means a lot for people in delivery services, which is a high-risk, essential job during the pandemic.

These precautionary measures and safety guidelines are the need of the hour in our life after the lockdown. If you’re looking to buy a property during the current lifting of restrictions, you can check out Runwal Group’s projects offering luxury flats in Mumbai . Remember to take care, stay safe and stay healthy!



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