Reasons to Invest in Sunflower at Runwal Bliss 

Runwal Group is a reputed name in the real estate industry because of its elite developments in Mumbai. Since its establishment in 1978, Runwal group has been delivering exceptional work & it has completed over 65 successful projects. More than 30,000 delighted families in Mumbai are proud residents of these projects.

Apart from residential developments, the Runwal Group is a forerunner in mall developments as well, such as the R City and R Mall projects.

Recently, Runwal Group has added three more marvelous residential developments to its portfolio: Runwal Greens, Runwal Bliss, Runwal Avenue, Runwal Forests and Runwal Paradise. Each project has been smartly planned in the Mumbai suburbs offering open green spaces and a host of exclusive high-end facilities.

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss :

This is a newly launched tower at Runwal Bliss, offering an unmatched lifestyle to those looking for peace, convenience, and luxury, all in one place. The complex, located in Kanjurmarg’s new city center, is built around a 155-year-old Banyan tree. Sunflower at Runwal Bliss boasts a lavish lifestyle with elegantly built units, surrounded by high-end amenities & recreational facilities.

Featuring a massive 6-acre Central Park, Sunflower at Runwal Bliss provides a one-of-a-kind lifestyle, which is a rare sight in metropolitan areas. Apart from offering an unparalleled lifestyle, Sunflower offers easy access to prime locations in the city, thanks to the excellent rail, road, and forthcoming metro links.

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss brings forward an opportunity to reside in a safe, secure, and natural environment in the city’s center, just 2 kilometers from Powai.

4 Reasons to Invest in Sunflower at Runwal Bliss

If you are looking for well-connected, safe, and comfortable flats in Kanjurmarg east, you can check this project. Here are the four top reasons you must invest in the Sunflower Tower at Runwal Bliss:

1 . Location :

Kanjurmarg is one of the fastest-growing city centers in Mumbai. It is considered a posh locality, home to various new developments, educational institutes, and residential projects. Due to its excellent connectivity to trains, roads, and proposed metro lines, Kanjurmarg is an ideal location to invest.

Apartments in Kanjurmarg have gained traction among property buyers due to their lush surroundings, excellent lifestyle, residential alternatives, and accessibility to social and civic facilities. All these factors contribute to choosing Sunflower at Runwal Bliss as your new home.

2 . Social Infrastructure :

Runwal Bliss has been strategically constructed near essential social and civic infrastructure, including education, healthcare, entertainment, and other requirements.
The social infrastructure of Sunflower at Runwal Bliss is quite robust, thus promising an exceptionally high-quality lifestyle to you & your family. Moreover, the panoramic sights of the surrounding greenery will lift your spirits every time you look outside.

3 . Lifestyle Amenities :

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss is home to a plethora of exclusive experiences, ranging from fitness to recreational activities, catering to all age groups. Here are a few amenities at Sunflower listed below:

A . Central Podium :

With the Central Podium at Runwal Bliss, the wonder of the outdoors comes to life right at home. A mix of living experiences and peaceful flora creates an environment perfect for introspection and relaxation.

B . Clubhouse :

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss has a clubhouse with a range of indulgences and leisure activities. It is a unique combination of excitement and relaxation, combining entertainment and sports to amuse and revive you.

C . Lawn, Play and Jogging area :

At Runwal Sunflower, you will be treated to the luxury of spectacular green lawns, a play park, and a dedicated jogging area. Anybody, regardless of their age, can access these areas & spend their leisure time. You can discover a host of other areas for your workout routines and a life that promotes health and wellbeing.

D . Spacious interiors :

The residences at Sunflower are distinguished by their unique smartly planned interiors. At Sunflower, you will unlock the treasures of luxury & comfort, whenever you step into your house.

In addition to the numerous facilities available at the project, Sunflower offers exclusive amenities within the tower, such as a pharmacy, health care center, and a creche. The most remarkable feature of this Runwal project is a beautifully planted 6-acre Central Park, right outside your door. This spacious park is just the right place for morning or evening walks.

E . Reliable Development :

In Mumbai’s real estate sector, the Runwal Group distinguishes itself for its quality and stability. Mr. Subhash Runwal, the company’s visionary creator, built the company in 1978, and it now has a portfolio of 65+ projects over millions of square feet of real estate.

Runwal is one of the country’s largest developers, housing over 30,000 households across Mumbai. It has a 40-year legacy, a portfolio of 65+ projects, and is known for quality, trust, and authenticity. They are also recognized as forerunners in mall and retail development. Hence, they are entirely reliable and among the best options in the market.

Conclusion :

The newly launched Runwal new project, Sunflower at Runwal Bliss, is a note-worthy development located in the heart of Kanjurmarg. With a highly lavish infrastructure and top-notch lifestyle amenities, this house meets the standard of quality life.