Top Reasons To Invest in Manhattan at Runwal Avenue

Invest in Manhattan at Runwal Avenue

Investment in the real estate sector pertaining to Mumbai is poised to yield sizeable returns as the luxury home segment observes growth in the city. Being a metropolitan city and the country’s financial capital, the property rates in Mumbai have been increasing rapidly. That is why investing in the right property and with the right developer is one of the challenging tasks that every investor has to face while considering investment options in Mumbai.

Having proper knowledge of the industry and extensive purchasing experience helps investors to make the buying decision. This is very true in the case of residential projects. Homebuyers not only look for a house with features and amenities nowadays, but they also need a complete package that matches their expectations with a memorable homebuying experience.

Runwal Group – Surpassing Expectations:

Standing tall on homebuyers’ expectations, one developer in Mumbai has set a benchmark in Mumbai’s real estate space. Having brought smiles to over thirty thousand happy families in the city, Runwal Group has developed more than 65 quality projects, including development in millions of square feet of real estate. Leading with over forty years of distinctive legacy, the group is known for its trust and transparency.

One such project by Runwal Group that stands out the most is Runwal Avenue. It is the most promising option for investors/home buyers right now in Mumbai, especially with the newly launched tower -Manhattan at Runwal Avenue. It is built on the essence of world-class living. Inspired by Manhattan’s way of life, Runwal Avenue is set to facilitate a lifestyle that is exquisite and lively. If that does not pique your interest, the following reasons surely will:

5 Reasons why you should invest in Manhattan at Runwal Avenue:

A Trusted Brand Name:

Runwal Group has been disrupting the real estate space in Mumbai since 1978. Today, it is one of the most renowned developers in the country, having 30,000+ happy customers across Mumbai. Customers have always been the utmost priority of Runwal Group. Having a diverse range of real estate development in its portfolio, the group operates with an excellent customer care system while maintaining the highest standards of lifestyle & conveniences for the welfare of society and the environment. This makes Runwal Group one of the most sought-after developers to invest in.

Consistent Price Appreciation:

Runwal Avenue has observed a constant price appreciation over the years. Due to its strategic location, amenities, connectivity, and brand name, the project has garnered a lot of attention. The demand for the homes at Runwal Avenue has grown multifold. Given its popularity and functionality, homes at Runwal Avenue are poised to experience a significant hike in their prices. The same goes for Manhattan at Runwal Avenue.

Location & Connectivity:

The Runwal City Centre – a 36-acre campus in Kanjurmarg, is a location that has emerged as one of the most preferred areas in Mumbai. Strategically located in the heart of Mumbai, Kanjurmarg offers seamless accessibility, rapid price appreciation, and magnificent spaces. Situated just 2 Km away from Powai, the new city center is poised to grow in terms of social infrastructure and bustling lifestyle. Kanjurmarg offers excellent rail, road, and metro connectivity to different parts of the city, which is just another added advantage for homebuyers.

High-street Retail:

Runwal Avenue boasts of its very own retail destination, ‘The Fifth Avenue’. A high-street retail hub that fulfills all your daily needs under one roof just steps away from your home. It is a suitable destination for world-class shopping and dining experience with social hangout spots near your abode. Unwind your life in Manhattan at Runwal Avenue and dive into the world of leisure and entertainment.

Community Living:

Runwal Avenue is a part of a large township that also comprises of commercial spaces & proposed school. The community living at Runwal Avenue helps build a solid communal bond between the homebuyers and gives them a sense of security, which adds to the homeowning experience. People pride themselves on becoming a part of the Runwal family, and that kind of satisfaction goes a long way in nurturing a harmonious relationship with like-minded people.

Homebuyers or investors looking to invest in the right property in Mumbai can breathe a sigh of relief with their property hunting as Manhattan at Runwal Avenue is positioned to give a world-class living experience and high returns. Also, for a serene experience, one can never miss out on the lush green Central Park, sprawling across 8 acres.

The reasons mentioned above are indeed enticing enough for any investor, and one should visit Runwal Avenue Manhattan to get the complete picture of the project and details regarding the new tower.