5 Reasons That Make Mumbai the Most Livable City in India

5 Reasons That Make Mumbai the Most Livable City in India

For many, Mumbai is the city where dreams come to life. The city has amazing allure with beautiful beaches and landscapes. Famous landmarks such as the Sea Link, Bandstand, and the Gateway of India make it a beautiful city with tourist destinations. It is a cosmopolitan hub providing all sorts of corporate arrangements attracting talent from all over India. 

With its employment opportunities, residential offerings, and lifestyle avenues, the city brings about a significant upgrade in an individual’s standard of living. There have been many success stories of people who achieved their dreams by moving to Mumbai. Owning a home in this lively city is considered nothing short of an achievement. The city offers a blend of experiences to help you maintain the quintessential work-life balance that every Mumbai resident aspired for.

But what are the other accompanying facts that make Mumbai an ideal city to live in? With the growing competition, it is essential for people to have a lucrative investment opportunity that offers everything on a silver platter. Mumbai’s geography and potential for sustaining growing businesses gives it an edge over other cities for real estate investment.  

Here are 5 important factors that affect property investment in Mumbai 


Being a coastal city, Mumbai has the advantage of experiencing pleasant weather from November to March. Although the summers can be quite humid and hot during the day, the sea breeze cools down the temperature at night. The monsoons give a nice break from the intense summer heat. The winters are comparatively mild with a cool breeze, giving the residents a comfortable living experience. 

Safety & Security: 

Mumbai is considered to be one of the safest cities in Maharashtra. The Global Safe City Index 2021 ranks Mumbai 50th among 60 cities globally. The city has taken a lot of measures to increase safety across the board in the city. The Government of Maharashtra has directed all buses to install CCTV cameras for surveillance in public transport.  

Moreover, the Maharashtra government has also approved a Mumbai 24×7 policy, where shops, malls, and restaurants installed with CCTV cameras in the non-residential areas of Mumbai can remain open at their discretion round the clock. Besides this, all the major residential projects in Mumbai come with state-of-the-art security features installed in their homes. 


Being the hub of industrial activities, Mumbai has a robust public transport network to save time and reduce traffic. The sub arterial roads connect main highways and streets all across the city. The existing infrastructure is home to some of the popular routes, including Jogeshwari–Vikhroli Link Road and Eastern Freeway. Furthermore, the well-maintained network of local trains, buses, taxis, metro, and monorail further accentuates the ease of convenience in Mumbai.

The city is set to develop even more in the upcoming years. Some of the infrastructure development includes the proposed international airport, the multi-lane expansion of the Sion-Panvel highway till Mumbai Pune Expressway, soon to be completed metro development, a proposed Hyperloop, Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, an under-construction 6-lane sea bridge, and much more. 

Employment Opportunities: 

Mumbai is called the City of Dreams for many reasons. People from all walks of life, having myriad ambitions find their calling here. It’s already deemed as the financial, commercial, and entertainment capital of India. From IT firms to film production houses to manufacturing plants, Mumbai serves as a base for a multitude of industries.  

It has headquarters for renowned multinational companies. Furthermore, reputed colleges such as IIT Bombay, University of Mumbai, and National Institute of Fashion Technology attract a lot of aspirants from all over India. With ample companies located therein, students encounter no problem getting the desired placements and internship opportunities in the city. With such a lucrative setting, the city and its neighbouring areas have seen a gradual increase in various residential and commercial projects. 

Cosmopolitan Lifestyle: 

The standard of living in Mumbai is very premium. Even though the city is famous for its elite lifestyle, the mixed crowd of the city prefers mingling in all kinds of establishments.  

The liberal and welcoming approach towards life is an inherent feature of Mumbai’s populace. The concept of community living has transformed Mumbai’s residential conditions. Some of the major ongoing residential projects by reputed builders like Runwal Group in the thriving areas of Kanjurmarg (East & West), Mulund & Dombivali are some of the best places to buy property in Mumbai. 

All the factors mentioned above make real estate investment in Mumbai a great option. If you are interested in owning a home in Mumbai, you should explore the ongoing residential projects by Runwal Group like Runwal Avenue, Runwal Gardens, Runwal Pinnacle, Runwal Bliss, and Runwal Forest.  

These premium projects offer unique lifestyles equipped with urban comforts and conveniences that have been thoughtfully incorporated to provide the best-in-class experience of the coveted Mumbai life.