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Make Your Home Greener With A Fresh Herb Garden

By Runwal Group Posted On Apr 09, 2020
Category Residential properties

Make Your Home Greener With A Fresh Herb Garden

Being locked up in confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic can be challenging to say the least. However, if you’re spending time at home why not make the most of it! You can keep yourselves engaged with at-home projects like growing a fresh herb garden in your balcony. If you’re a resident of Runwal Greens, what better way to make your home greener than planting a garden? It’ll keep you occupied and also keep your mind and body fresh and healthy. And it’s something your kids can help you out with.

Growing your own herbs can prove to be advantageous, especially this time around. You won’t have to step out and all the material can be delivered to your doorstep as it is now available online. Imagine adding freshly grown herbs from your own garden to your dishes? Whether it’s fresh basil or mint, it’ll punch up the flavour of your dish.

All you need for the herb garden is pots and other essentials and you’re good to go. Here’s a step-by-step guide to growing an herb garden.

Step 1. Keep the pots ready

Keep the pots ready

Pots can be placed at very convenient locations of your home like the balcony, kitchen window or counter, or you could even tie them up on the living room windows.

The material of the pots can vary and you can pick the best suitable option for you depending on where you’re planning to place the pots. The material choices are metal, clay, resin or wood. You just need to take care of one thing: there’s enough space for the excess water to escape from the bottom of the plant containers.

So, pick a pot that matches the size of the herbs you're planning to grow – not too large and not too small, just the perfect size for the herbs to grow their roots easily.

Step 2. Pick your herbs

Pick your herbs

If you’re planting an herb garden for the first time, keep it simple. You can choose the most used herbs in the Indian kitchen like mint, parsley, and basil to begin with. They all tend to grow profusely so you’ll never fall short of these herbs.

In case it’s not your first time growing a garden, you can try planting other varieties of herbs like oregano, thyme, and even rosemary. They go great with pastas and pizzas if you’re in the mood for some Italian one day.

One important tip is to keep the soil moisture content consistent. Therefore, water these plants regularly and ensure the soil doesn’t go dry.

Step 3. Choose starter plants instead of seeds

Choose starter plants instead of seeds

If you’re not an experienced gardener, choosing starter plants is the perfect start. It will save you 2-3 weeks of grow time and the chances of a successful harvest are imminent.

Step 4. Pick the right soil type

Pick the right soil type

At the time of planting the starter plants, use potting soil instead of garden soil. Potting soil helps drain water more easily and effectively as it is lighter and porous. On the other hand, garden soil is rather dense and blocks the moisture inside the pots itself.

Remember to order a garden trowel as well along with potting soil as it helps with soil handling, digging holes and removing weeds if necessary.

Step 5. Show some care, and harvest properly!

Show some care, and harvest properly!

It’s easy to plant the herbs one day and forget about it the next. The job’s not over just yet. Once you plant an herb garden or any other plant, it requires constant and regular care for the herbs to grow and flourish. This is why you will need to harvest them often as it flowers new growth. Just remember, every variety of herb needs different care and treatment and that needs to be taken into consideration every time you water or harvest them.

Doesn’t it sound easy and something that’ll keep you occupied? Runwal Greens, one of the sought-after luxury residential projects in Mumbai, encourages you to keep yourself entertained and amid nature’s bounty to keep both your mind and your body healthy. Planting an herb garden is a great start as you can use fresh herbs in your cooking every time without having to step out. Give it a try!



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