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Monsoon Home Décor Ideas To Energise Your Living Space

By Runwal Group Posted On Aug 24, 2020
Category Residential properties

Monsoon Home Décor Ideas To Energise Your Living Space

The decor is the soul of a space.

Monsoon is the season of hot tea, fritters, and books. The rain sure does bring out the creativity and the feeling of belongingness in every one of us. However, truth be told, monsoon also makes your space look more melancholy than usual.

Take a look at some monsoon home décor ideas to energise your living space:

If you plan on building a personal space or redecorating one, these Monsoon Home Decor Tips are bound to breathe life into your space.

1. Wind Chimes are a big yes!

Wind Chimes are a big yes!

Each one of us has a special memory with a classic wind chime: maybe it is of the first time you heard about it from a friend who always liked one or from seeing it at a friend's place. The point is, wind chimes make for a great addition to the home, especially during the monsoons, for the cold breeze brings in a sweet sound and childhood memories, that always brings a smile on your face.

2. The greener, the better

The greener, the better

Not just because it is the eco-friendly thing to do, but also because the freshness and the bright green colour of growing plants make a classic and ethereal addition to a homely space. If you live in Mumbai, then adding greens to your tiny balcony (we all know about the tiny balcony), will also bring in the much-loved smell of wet mud during the rains.

3. Effective and Attractive Doormats

Effective and Attractive Doormats

One trend that has never gone out of style is the trend of using funky and high-absorbent doormats. Sure, the rains are beautiful, but they are also synonymous with dirt, mud, and way too much water. Add a customized high-absorbent doormat to keep the rains beautiful and outside the home.

4. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

The classic Home Decor Tip - Scented Candles! While it is true that rains do bring out the love in most of us, it is also true that there is no such thing as too much love. Place a few scented candles all around the house, grab a stack of pillows, a nice quilt, and relax on your bed or your sofa with a hot cup of coffee and your favourite book. It will be almost as if you do not belong to this world anymore.

5. A customized Umbrella Stand

A customized Umbrella Stand

If you know rain, you would know the importance of an umbrella stand! Not only is it handy, but it is also a very, very classy addition to your monsoon friendly space. You can put in different colours if umbrellas or all of just one colour, you can add small little tags to each umbrella or if you are a DIY person, you can customize the stand with a few of your favourite monsoon quotations.

So, there you have it - a few Monsoon Home Decor Tips. If you have one of those fancy 4 BHK Flats In Mulund West or looking to get yourself one, visit our website today. These ideas will blend in much more effectively with your space, not that any other space would not be welcoming of these ideas.

The idea is to always make your space more you with every addition adding up to be a meaningful one.

In this season of rains and love, make the space yours!

Happy Monsoons!



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