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Daily Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Hygienic & Safe

By Runwal Group Posted On Jun 16, 2020
Category Residential properties

Daily Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Hygienic & Safe

The current pandemic situation has made it even more important to keep internal and external living and working environments clean. A clean and sanitized home ensures that no one is exposed to contaminants or microorganisms. With some simple regular cleaning chores, it is possible to stay from the risk of contracting an infection. The current situation has made it clear that home is the safest refuge for us and it is important to keep it as clean as possible.

Runwal Group wishes that your home is always the safest place for you and your family. We've listed out a few tips that will help you keep your home hygienic and safe.

Use soap to destroy viral strains

Soap is often overlooked as being an effective remedy in destroying viral strains. Soaps contain fat-like substances that destroy the molecular structures of viral strains. Using any soap product will do - and the best thing is that soap is commonly available. Therefore, using soap to clean hands regularly can nowadays be a life-saver.

Many people do not know about this, unfortunately. The fat-like substances in soap destroy the viral strains, which otherwise cannot be done using plain water.

Clean hard-to-reach places first

Space under sofas, chairs, beds, behind refrigerators, are all potential places that may accumulate debris, and can also be a haven for microorganism activity. Even ridges of armchairs and small pockets of spaces in furniture can be a haven for microbes. These spaces should be cleaned regularly, first with a vacuum cleaner, then with a combination of cloth/disinfectant, and then with a dry clean cloth.

Furnishings, upholstery, curtains, and cushion covers should be washed at slightly high temperatures. Soft porous fabrics should be cleaned dry at high temperatures because corona viruses can live up to a day on these surfaces. Sanitize your home with these house cleaning ideas and stay safe at home.

Walls shouldn't be ignored!

Walls are relatively easy to clean. A damp cloth can be used to wipe them clean. You can use an antibacterial and antifungal surface cleaner to wipe all walls and let them dry. This house cleaning tip can be followed once a week.

Clean those carpets, hardwood floors

Carpets can be cleaned by thoroughly vacuuming them. Microfiber mops can be used to clean hardwood floors. It's good to use damp mops to clean hardwood floors or laminate floors. If its Vinyl flooring, using a floor cleaner would suffice. If a floor cleaner is not an exciting option, then using a combination of apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water and applying it on the Vinyl floor can give good results.

After cleaning, ensure to disinfect the hardwood surfaces using a disinfectant product. There are disinfectant products that destroy bacteria, viruses, or both. Check the manufacturer's instructions. Use only reputed brands.

Clean countertops

Countertops of kitchens can be cleaned every day at the end of the day. Cupboard tops should be dusted once in three days to prevent fungal growth from developing. A non-abrasive cloth, slightly damp, preferably of cotton, is used. A pH neutral liquid cleaner can be used along with the cloth. There are many countertop-specific cleaners/disinfecting wipes available - pick a good brand and be regular at countertop cleaning!


It goes without saying that during these times and like it has always been, cleanliness is next to godliness. As much as it is essential to clean the insides of the home, it is vital to keep the outsides of the house clean too. And apart from clean surroundings, it's better to live in an environment that offers greenery and fresh air. Runwal Pinnacle, one of the tallest towers in Mulund West, is one such project of ours that offer panoramic views of mangroves and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. These 67-storeyed towers have 9 levels of parking and 2 full levels dedicated to a club house and recreational activities. Plus, there's a Sky deck - a rooftop leisure zone, 200 meters above the ground. Explore our ultra-premium 2 & 3 BHK flats in Mulund West and get ready to indulge in the luxuries of high-rise living, right in the heart of the city. Come, rise above ordinary life!

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