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Closet Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

By Runwal Group Posted On Jul 23, 2019
Category Home decor

Closet Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

Imagine walking into a beautiful, spacious house with poorly designed interiors? Not a very appealing sight, right? Buying a luxury home isn’t enough if you cannot make it look like it has been taken straight out of a postcard. While interiors is something you need to keep in mind, designing a closet that will fit all of your clothing, accessories, and most loved belongings is another ball game altogether. One basic thing you need to keep in mind is - do not design a closet that makes your bedroom look smaller. Say, you are searching for luxury flats in Kanjurmarg and stumble upon Runwal Group luxury flats that are tailor-made to take your lifestyle to all-new levels of luxury, wouldn’t you want to pay the keenest attention to detail? To make sure your aspirations are rendered to life, you need to create a space that is nothing short of pure elegance. And only Runwal Luxury Collection fits snugly into your idea of an aesthetically designed home.

When it comes to designing a closet, the cost is not a major factor - it is the way you use the space and design the closet that makes a world of a difference. If you are starting from scratch, these closet design ideas and tips will help you decide what to build, what all to store and how to make the most of every inch of space. Let’s take a look!

Build Only What You Need!

It goes without saying that before you design any space, especially a closet, you first need to figure out how big or small you need your closet to be. It is quite tempting to see a blank space and wanting to get the most out of it without thinking it through but do not make that mistake. Remember, the feeling of spaciousness should not be lost once the closet is built-in. Understand the amount of closet space you need and break it down one by one, i.e. amount of hanging space, drawer space, shoe cabinet, etc. If you have this sorted, you could even end up spending much less than what you would for a full-wall closet.

Keep It Organised

To make use of maximum space, group similar size clothes together so you do not waste an inch. Give a separate section to clothes that are heavier and larger such as jackets, suits and blazers. A quick tip, always hang the top rod of the closet high enough so you have good enough space to arrange your clothes at the bottom before the second rod starts.

Give The Drawers A Miss

Be resourceful with your closet space. The more drawers you add to a closet, it takes the price of a built-in closet much higher, restricts the layout and even wastes space to a certain extent. You can probably use a dresser or a bedside table to keep your delicates. You can place your t-shirts and sweaters on open shelves in the closet.

Make Some Space For Shoes

If you love your shoes and have million pairs of them, storing all of them in the closet may not be possible. However, if you find it possible for you to fit them inside, stash them on the mid-level shelves so they are visible to you.

While you make sense of these closet design ideas and look for best methods to make use of them, do not forget to make use of the rest of the house as well to store the extras so you do not just have to rely on the closet for storage. And if you own a home at Runwal Luxury Collection homes, it will be a cherry on top. You can take a look at these exclusively designed homes in Kanjurmarg so you settle for nothing less than the best in life!




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