The 8-Acre Central Park at Runwal Bliss: A Rare Escape from the City Chaos – Preferred Option

The 8-Acre Central Park at Runwal Bliss: A Rare Escape from the City Chaos – Preferred Option

Everywhere you look, you find someone talking about the benefits of living away from the hustle of the city. Several people tell you that a haven away from the rush is good for your health. Others call out the harms of living in the urban environment.

With all that being said, what happens to the people who can’t seem to get away from the city? Is there still a way to get all the benefits of nature without leaving the city? Yes, it’s possible if you live in Mumbai!

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss offers a luxurious, serene retreat away from the city, while keeping you connected in all the important ways. Sunflower, a new addition to the Runwal Bliss complex, comes with state-of-the-art amenities, scenic views, and above all, a calm and peaceful environment surrounding your perfect home.

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss, in Kanjurmarg East, is spread across the 36-acre campus. Nestled around a 155-year-old banyan tree, it provides a much-needed break from the fast-paced style of living. Sunflower at Runwal Bliss

Central Park:

The 8-Acre Central Park provides a unique lifestyle advantage seldom seen in typical residential projects. Access to all sections of the city is a breeze in Sunflower at Runwal Bliss, thanks to its excellent rail, road, and metro links, with spectacular views of the neighboring mangroves and bay to amaze you every day. Central Park just adds to the project’s scenic beauty. The top benefits of Central Park at Runwal Bliss include:

1. 15,000+ trees & shrubs:

Trees are a symbol of health. People are more inclined to be active, take a walk, or ride a bicycle in green, attractive, and secure spaces. Trees promote a healthier and greener way of life. When people live with a connection to nature, they are less prone to the hassles of the urban world. Blood pressure and cortisol levels drop, and trees prove to be a contributing factor in boosting the overall health of the community health improves overall. Central Park has over 15000 green lush trees and shrubs.

2. Jogging Track:

For a healthy & upbeat lifestyle, physical activities like jogging are extremely helpful. The jogging track at Sunflower at Runwal Bliss ensures that you stay at your best fitness levels. Jogging in nature also helps you relax by lowering your anxiety & stress levels.

3. Cycling Track:

Cycling is essential to train the lower body. A bicycle ride with children or friends is not only a plus for your physical health but also a great way to spend time together. What better way to bond with kids than to go on a journey together? Central Park is the perfect place for such an event. It has a great cycling track that provides serenity and safety for you and your kids.

4. Play Area for Kids

When it comes to your kids’ joy and happiness, a dedicated play area plays an integral part. Most people fondly remember their school recess hours. Escaping the confines of the classroom and going on a playground excursion are memories you will probably cherish for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, today’s youngsters are overburdened with mentally taxing activities and have less opportunity to engage in outdoor play. Public parks and playtime have vanished due to video games, television, after-school activities, and a growing emphasis on academics. This restriction on free space may have a detrimental influence on children’s development.

Playgrounds are a safe environment for children to be free and express their joy-loving nature while polishing essential cognitive, physiological, social, and emotional abilities. The 8-acre Central Park in Sunflower at Runwal Bliss is the perfect place for kids to enjoy and have fun.

5. Herb Garden and Organic Farm:

Many people grow flower beds in their houses to improve the visual appeal of their homes. A garden with organic herbs and plants looks warm and inviting.

An herb garden lets you experience the sights, scents, and flavors of a broad range of plants. Using fresh-harvested herbal remedies in cooking offers an unmatched taste to your food and improves your health too.For people living in Sunflower at Runwal Bliss, there are dedicated herb garden & organic farm where fresh produce can be grown.


Runwal Bliss is the epitome of a balanced lifestyle in Kanjurmarg Step into a world that offers an extensive clubhouse with resort-like facilities, several swimming pools, & a nearly 1,20,000-square-foot green vehicle-free platform, play spaces, and so much more.

Sunflower at Runwal Bliss, with its beautiful 8-acre Central Park, is one of our prized towers, offering you a haven of serenity, comfort, and greenery. If you want to get closer to nature without sacrificing the benefits of urban life, Central Park in Sunflower at Runwal Bliss is the place for you.