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How to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Safely at Home during a Pandemic

By Runwal Group Posted On Aug 20, 2020
Category Residential properties

How to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Safely at Home during a Pandemic

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals in India and celebrated on a large scale in the state of Maharashtra. This hugely popular festival is just around the corner. But this year the celebrations are set to be different as the state continues to be one of the worst-hit by the pandemic.

People all over the country eagerly look forward to the widespread celebrations across 11 days of the festival. There are massive gatherings on the streets – a situation not conducive right now considering the current situation. The state government has insisted on measures like social distancing, lockdowns, and wearing masks to safeguard the general health and well-being of the people. With still a few more months to go before a vaccine is expected to roll out, the onus is on us to stay safe. Strict adherence to WHO guidelines and the Government protocols need to be the norm.

Under the circumstances, Maharashtra may have to opt for a very low-key Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. If you are looking for ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi safely, here are some tips to follow.

1. Shop Online For Requirements

Shop Online For Requirements

For people who are planning to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi festival at home, shopping online for all necessary items is the way to go. From Ganesha idols, pooja articles, flowers to sweets and other required things for Ganesh Pooja, everything can be ordered online at the click of a button with no-contact delivery.

2. Attend Virtual Pujas

Attend Virtual Pujas

If you are a Maharashtra resident not conducting a pooja at home but are anxious about missing out on Ganpati celebrations this year, there’s no need to worry. You can attend numerous virtual poojas broadcasted live by various groups. All rituals like homas and aartis will be streamed online on this occasion.

3. Follow Social Distancing & Hygiene

Follow Social Distancing & Hygiene

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year’s festival, it’s important to keep the essential rules and norms of social safety in mind. If you have small gatherings at your house or are a part of one, make sure you wear your masks, maintain appropriate social distance and sanitize your hands often.

4. Avoid Visarjan in Crowds

Avoid Visarjan in Crowds

The Government has put a cap on the number of people allowed for visarjan this year in order to discourage people from gathering socially in large numbers. In such a time, kalash visarjan at home is a convenient option. This will allow proper Ganesh visarjan with all the elements of celebration and rituals while ensuring social distancing.

5. Use Eco-friendly Products

Use Eco-friendly Products

Every year, the visarjan process results in water pollution all around the country. The use of non-biodegradable elements ends up choking and polluting the water bodies. Opt for eco-friendly idols and pooja articles so that our celebrations don’t negatively affect the environment around us.

This Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s celebrate this auspicious festival in a responsible way. Keeping the celebrations restricted to our homes would be the sensible thing to do. Across all of our luxury flats in Mumbai, we have ensured we provide you everything you need to celebrate with your family while being safe. Let’s have happy and safe Ganpati celebrations this year.



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