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5 Ways To Keep Kid-on-Board Home Clean

By Runwal Group Posted On Jul 29, 2019
Category Home decor

5 Ways To Keep Kid-on-Board Home Clean

The biggest anxiety factor for a parent with OCD is cleaning a home with a kid in it. Even worse, make it two kids. While it sounds dreading to manage the everyday cleaning chores to appease the cleanliness freak in you, it’s fairly doable. All you need are a few tips and tricks to keep the home with kids clean. Here’s how you can do it like a pro:


The simple and most important rule of managing a home with kids is decluttering. You have to grow strong and get rid of all the things you haven’t touched in the past six months. It even includes the clothes you are saving for when you lose weight. Clear all the clutter and keep only the limited things that are truly essential. With that one spectacular move, you will win most of the battle.


Now that you declutter your material belongings, it’s good to have an allocated place for each object. That’s exactly what the PEEP philosophy is all about. PEEP means A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place. So say goodbye to all those hidden heaps of unwanted clothes that you stuffed into your overhead cabinets or the Knickerbockers that you’ll never use in life. Allocate a proper place for everything and make your life manageable.


It’s one thing to bring down the house by planning to clean all your mess in one day. But again, there’s another thing to plan your tasks wisely and do manageable work every day. There are fixed jobs like tidying up the room, re-arranging sheets, gathering the toys, cleaning the kitchen top, etc. that you can’t avoid daily. But then there are variable jobs like cleaning the toilets, vacuuming & dusting, arranging wardrobes, cleaning the kitchen sink and chimney, etc. that you can do once in a week. Plan a day for one or two variable tasks and see how it makes your cleaning job more manageable.


If you let them, kids will play all day long. So it’s essential to set a playtime for your little ones. That helps them abide by rules and gives you a fixed time to clean the toys. Also, kids will play with any number of toys you give them. So, restrict the number of toys to a manageable number that fits easily in their toys basket.


Cleaning and keeping the home tidy is a thankless job. So rather than feeling dejected over it later, it’s best to make everyone aware of the efforts you’re putting in. Get your kids and partner involved in everyday cleaning chores. Give them smaller tasks to help them realise the efforts you’re putting into keeping the home clean.

Well, these are just a few simple tricks to keep a kid-on-board home spick and span. A well-planned home with well-defined functional spaces plays a very big role in keeping things manageable. In case you are seeking a home that offers perfect functionality and are kids-friendly too, you should consider Runwal Bliss. The project offers well-planned 2 & 3 BHK flats in Kanjurmarg East, and it is one of the most-preferred homes in the vicinity.





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