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5 Décor Tips For Making A Smaller Space Look Bigger

By Runwal Group Posted On Jun 24, 2019
Category Home decor

Make a small space look big with some decor tips

When you’re living in Mumbai, one thing that most people don’t get to enjoy is the luxury of space. And that’s especially true of your own homes. Of course, there are always those few nifty tricks that can give any cramped room the illusion of more space. If it’s design inspiration you seek, you’ve come to the right place!

1: Colour me cool

Use light, subtle colours either in pastels or cool tones, to give a more spacious and airy feel to the room.

2: Go sheer

Ditch the heavy, dark drapes, and go for something lightweight in a muted hue. Soft, linen curtains will filter in the sunlight and bring more life to the room.

3: Float your shelves & screen

Shelves, bookcases or drawers can take up too much of your floor space. Opt for a wall mounted TV screen and floating storage pieces to give more room underneath and open up the floor.

4: Convert your furniture

A sofa bed looks like a sofa during the day and can turn into a bed at night. Invest in multi-use furniture pieces that offer seating + storage while saving space!

5: Mirrors, glass and lights

Clever use of lighting, well-placed mirrors and adding glass surfaces can provide an uninterrupted visual flow throughout the room, making the space feel more bright and expansive.

Hope you liked these space saving design tips! If you’re looking to upgrade to a more spacious home from renowned real estate developers in Mumbai, you can also check out the luxurious properties by Runwal Group.



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