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          Maintainance of your home
          While handing over your home , we will give you possession kit that will have multiple keys of your
          home main door & internal doors. We will also give you guarantee cards and services contact
          details of the durables and sanitary ware wherever possible.  Kindly keep it safe for any
          maintenance issues in future.

          Lifestyle Amenities

          Runwal Group offers you amenities & impressive common areas to enhance your lifestyle. These
          world – class amenities solely develop for your usage, but also requires regular maintenance
          which is labour centric. Such large complexes will also requires 3 tier security set up. At the time
          of possession, we have taken certain amount towards a maintenance. Post formation of the
          society of condemnation , the maintenance will be handed over to the requisite body

                   We congratulate you for this worthwhile investment in
                    one of our most prestigious development and we look
                      forward to delivering this luxurious address to you.
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