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13. POSSESSION & MOVING IN                                                            •  Have meters read and pay any outstanding amount.
                                                                                                                         •  Cancel any services, e.g. window cleaner, milkman, newspaper delivery.
                                                                                                                         •  Confirm arrangements with utility companies.
                                                                                                                         •  Get directions of your new propertyReview the entire list to make certain that you haven't
          Possession                                                                                                        overlooked anything. Check and double-check everything you have done before it's too late.
                                                                                                                         •  Label Boxes and finalize packing.
          Once the property is ready, you would be offered the same for possession. In the case of a newly               •   Pack a container for emergency supplies.
          constructed building, the developer concerned has to receive a certificate from the approving                  •  Set aside anything that will travel in your car so it will not be loaded on the truck.
          authority showing that the building is ready and fit for use. In Mumbai, this certificate is called            •  Pack a box of items that will be needed first at the new house. Clearly mark this box "Load
          “Occupancy Certificate”, though the nomenclature may vary from city to city. This certificate is                  Last."
          issued by the authorities concerned after they have satisfied themselves that the initial plans
 Registration: Timely registration is necessary to ensure timely disbursements.
          submitted by the developer and conditions if any imposed by the approving authorities have been
 Bank Formalities: Completion of all documentation and paper work and submission of sanction      fully complied with.
 letter to Runwal Group
          However, we would like to add here that this certificate in no way certifies quality of the housing
 Bank Disbursal: Disbursal and eventual payment to Runwal Group by due date  unit being offered. Your own estimate, as well as, the past track record and reputation of the
          developer would be key. At this stage, you would be required to make the final payments, as well
 Construction Linked Payments:  The same are linked to the progress of work at site,  and   as, any other charges that may be payable (as reflected in the Agreement for Sale).
 payments are demanded only when that particular work-stage is completed. It is mandatory to
 complete the registration of the agreement for sale to be able to make these payments.
          Planning Your Move

          You’ve found your perfect home. Now you’re ready to move out of your current home or
          apartment. Careful organization and forward planning can minimize the stress of moving
          house. Use the following “Moving Checklist” for planning to your move

          •  Estimates from moving companies & finalising moving company.
          •  Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement.
          •  Get your new home ready - contact painters, carpenters, plumbers, roofers etc., so your home
             is ready when you arrive.
          •  Notify your landlord of your moving date
          •  Start packing non-essential items such as books and non-seasonal clothes into boxes well in
          •  Inform appropriate people of your change of address.
          •  Inform gas & electrical companies that you will be the new owner of the property.
          •  De-clutter. Have a clear out! Collect everything not to be moved for a sale or donation.
          •  Check your home insurance - make sure you have cover from the day you move in to your new
          •   Schedule disconnection of all utility services at your old home, and connection of them at your
             new one.
          •  Collect your important records - Gather personal and family records, including medical and
             dental, veterinary and school  records; legal  and financial documents;birth certificates,
             passports and insurance documents.
          •  Arrange transit insurance (if necessary) for the move.
          •  Tell post office to redirect mail on date of move.
          •  Organize for someone to look after any kids and pets.
          •  Notify local authority of move and new address.
          •  Remove all jewelry and other valuables to a safe deposit box or other safe place to prevent loss
             during move.
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