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                 Loyalty program at Runwal Group

                   As a Runwal Group customer, you not only get world class products, but also
                   world class experiences! We believe our existing customers are our brand
                   ambassadors and we have some very special privileges tailor-made only for you.
                   Over time, we are sure you will want to look for additional real estate investments
                   and who better to choose from, than the Runwal Group. With over 65 projects
                   spread across the length and breadth of Mumbai, we have something for
                   As an existing customer, not only do these opportunities come to you first, they
                   also come with exclusive benefits and privileges that are only available to our
                   existing customers. After all, everything at Runwal Group is with you in view.
                   Runwal Group has believed in 'Leadership through Innovation' and has time and
                   again set new benchmarks for the real estate industry with series of 'firsts' to its
                   credit. One such initiative in addition to our loyalty benefits is a referral program
                   that offers both value added benefits and experiential offerings to its members
                   and their friends and family.

                 A Journey for the Elite Few

                   An exclusive privilege program and your introduction to a world full of
                   unparalleled luxury.

                   This is for the elite few such as you. As a part of this circle, you get exclusive
                   access to the most distinctive experiences and a number of privileges that add
                   new dimensions to your luxurious life.

                   As a privilege, you can now avail some very special referral benefits on every
                   additional booking that your family or friends make with us.
                   Every introduction you make, entitles you to a credit on your booking immediately.
                   Credits keep on rising with the value of the property that your introduction books.

                   Glittering events and distinctive experiences, being a preferred customer indeed
                   has many perks. It is a portal through which we bring to you some of the Runwal
                   Group specific events to bring to you the best that life has to offer.
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