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          In our continuous endeavour to bring every convenience to your doorstep, we are pleased to
          introduce a quick and convenient mode of communication - an exclusive Customer Self Service
          Portal account, specifically created to help you track the commercial details and progress of your
          treasured purchase with us, 24 X 7.

          The Self Service Portal will provide the following information/facilities for your application /
          1)   Details of the residence applied for

          2)   Your profile & contact details as registered with us for the booking

          3)   Payment history, balances towards CV & taxes
          4)   Payment modes to ease your payment transactions
          5)   Single sign-on access to the exclusive 'My RUNWAL' e-mail account created just for you

             Benefits of using the Self Service Portal
              If your banker accepts e-demands, you can forward the e-demand letter to the banker for
              faster disbursement

              Please insist on your chosen bank's acceptance of e-demand letters to avail this benefit

              To ensure that you never lose any e-demand or email, this email account does riot have
              the delete functionality

              You will now be able  to maintain copies of all demand letters safely in your mailbox. So
              say no to photocopies now

              To share references online

          You will also receive all your "Construction Linked Demands" and any other important updates in
          your 'My RUNWAL' mailbox. We urge you to participate in this 'Green Initiative’ and utilize our
          online services to the fullest.

          Simple steps to activate this dedicated email Id:

            Log on to the website: and enter your user id and password which will
            be provided to you within 25 days of your application date.

            The ID will become active after your acceptance of the terms and conditions on the first page
            after logging in.

            Reset the password to alpha-numeric password of 6-8 digits.

            Receive and send emails to your Relationship Manager through this dedicated channel
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