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          The joy of buying a Runwal Group home does not stop at just booking your home. It continues
          even in your quest for financing it. Runwal Group has tie-ups with banks who will help you with a
          hassle free loan approval at your door step.

          Important to note:
          Registration: Timely registration is necessary to ensure timely disbursements.

          Bank Formalities: Completion of all documentation and paper work and submission of sanction
          letter to Runwal Group

          Bank Disbursal: Disbursal and eventual payment to Runwal Group by due date

          Construction Linked Payments:  The same are linked to the progress of work at site,  and
          payments are demanded only when that particular work-stage is completed. It is mandatory to
          complete the registration of the agreement for sale to be able to make these payments.

          Runwal Group Service Commitment
          1.  Runwal Group shall endeavour to provide atleast 2 recommended banks, who would have
            approved the project for home loans and will thus enable reduced documentary requirements,
            which may eventually lead to quicker disbursements as well.

          2. Payment demand letter for construction linked payments shall be accompanied by an external
            architect’s certificate. Latest construction photographs shall be uploaded on the customer self
            service portal.

          Your responsibility at this stage:
          1.  Sanction and timely disbursement of home loan from the bank is the buyer’s responsibility. We
            urge you  to start the  banking  formalities early  to  ensure timely sanction  and timely
            disbursement. Although the banks which will be recommended to you by Runwal Group for the
            project are expected to result in relatively quicker disbursements compared to other banks,
            you will still need to ensure requisite documents and procedures with the banker are followed
            by you for timely disbursals.

          2. Timely registration of agreement will be critical in ensuring that you are in time to get
            disbursements from your bank to honour our construction based demands.
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