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          Post realisation of  9.9% payment of your Consideration Value (CV), the registration of agreement
          is compulsory as per RERA. Registration formalities will also be initiated only post completion of
          9.9% payment. Registration of the agreement post 9.9% payment is a must and is a joint
          responsibility of both the developer and the customer.

          Key Steps For Registration Of Agreement

            Complete own              Make own contribution payment of 9.9% of CV (as per agreed
            contribution              schedule) along with applicable taxes, within stipulated period of
                                      the application date

            Registration                You would receive an e-mail with the detailed registration
            charges                     process from your respective relationship manager.

                                        Kindly make payments towards stamp duty, GST and registration
                                        charges within 1 week of this registration invitation

            Registration              Basis token availability (as re-confirmed with your Relationship
                                      Manager), be present at the registrar office for registration along
                                      with supporting document and 2 witnesses.

          Runwal Group Service Commitment
          1. We shall  send you  the registration  invitation  communication  detailing  the  stamp duty,
            registration charges, and GST payable for your registration as soon as we have the requisite
            documents/approvals organised and your allotment is completed.
          2. Since the registration activity is governed by external entities, we shall only be able to provide
            you with basic guidelines on the process. Runwal Group will not be responsible for any errors/
            delays/ cancellations from the registrar's office. Runwal Group will play the role of facilitating
            this process on a best-effort basis. Your convenience will be our priority nevertheless.
          3. Registration tokens at the registrar's office will be booked on a first come first serve basis.
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