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          Runwal Group Service Commitment
          Runwal Group Customer Care shall be at your service from the day of your booking, until
          possession of your residence, to facilitate your payments and provide you with regular updates on
          the progress of your residence.

          Your responsibility at this stage
          1. The above time bound instalments will be payable without the need of a formal demand letter
            to "Runwal Group." since they are time-bound and linked only to the application date.

          2.In case of delays in payment from customers, Runwal Group will be constrained to utilise cash
            flows from other borrowed sources, and correspondingly charge interest (MCLR + 2% p.a) on
            delayed     payments      from     customers,     in    line    with    the    terms     of    the
            application/allotment/agreement. Please note that frequent and long delays can lead to

          3.Runwal  Group follows stringent norms for payment acceptance. We will be able to accept
            payments towards  the residence from the account(s) of the applicant(s) only. Payments
            received from third parties / non-applicants will be returned to the remitter and continue to
            appear outstanding against the unit booked. In case of delay in payment due to rejection
            of'payments remitted-through 3rd party accounts, we will be constrained to charge interest
            (MCLR + 2% p.a) as per the terms of the application. Hence please take care to ensure
            payments from your own accounts only.
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