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                STAGES IN YOUR                           YOUR                          WHY THIS IS
                  HOME BUYING                     RESPONSIBILITY                        IMPORTANT

              Completion of time               1) Ensure payment of              Timely completion of
              bound payments                       these milestones as           payments is important as
                                                   per due date                  delays will result in
                                                                                 interest charges
                                               2) Simultaneous payment
                                                   of taxes as applicable

              Registration of                  1) Make payments of               Timely registration is
              agreement for sale (at               stamp duty and other          important and
              10% payment as                       charges                       compulsory for timely
              mandated by RERA)                                                  subsequent payments /
                                               2) Be present at registrar        bank disbursement
                                                   office with relevant          beyond 10%.

              Bank disbursement                1) Complete paper work            1st disbursement from
              (if applicable)                      with bank.                    bank requires the
                                                                                 maximum coordination
                                               2) Submit sanction                between you and your
                                                   letter to Runwal              bank to ensure payment
                                                   Group prior to                by due date.

                                               3) Disbursal to Runwal
                                                   Group by due date to
                                                   avoid interest/
                                                   cancellation due to
                                                   late payment.

              Construction-linked              1) Ensure demand                  Timely completion of
              payments                             letter submission to          these payments is
                                                   bank.                         important to avoid any
                                                                                 interest charges/
                                               2) Ensure follow-up
                                                                                 cancellation due to late
                                               3) Disbursal from bank            payment.
                                                   by due date.
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