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                            ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND ACCOLADES

                            More than any accomplishment, there’s one significant thing which matters the most – customer happiness. Carrying forward the splendid legacy, Runwal Group

                            continues its mission of delivering quality projects. It feels good when the world appreciates our work and our creations.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         R CITY, GHATKOPAR                                                           Actual Image

                                         Runwal Forests                                                             Runwal Bliss                                                             Runwal Greens
                                          Luxury Project of                                                      The Ultimate Luxury                                                             The Best
                                         The Year - Mumbai.                                                     Residential Project of                                                      Residential Project
                                          Asia Real Estate                                                          Central Suburbs                                                    of the Year - CNBC Awaaz
                                         Excellence Awards,                                                        - HT Real Estate                                                        Real Estate Awards,
                                                 2019                                                                 Awards 2018                                                                   2013

                                          Runwal Greens                                                                  R City                                                                   R City
                                              Preferred                                                            Shopping Centre                                                          Best Retail Project                                                                          RUNWAL BLISS, KANJURMARG                                                 Artist's Impression
                                          Customer Choice                                                              of the Year                                                       of the year 2013 (MMR)
                                       Luxury Project of the                                                       - CMO Asia Retail                                                       - CNBC Awaaz Real
                                         Year - Lokmat 2015                                                          Congress 2014                                                         Estate Awards 2013

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RUNWAL FORESTS, KANJURMARG                                               Artist's Impression  RUNWAL GREENS, MULUND                                        Actual Image
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